CD REVIEW Revolution Renaissance

Band : Revolution Renaissance

Album title : Revolution Renaissance

Label : Frontiers

Distributor : Rough Trade

Release date : 06/06/2008

Release : CD

Although Stratovarius fans may have somewhat of an advantage, you probably never heard of this band before! In essence, Revolution Renaissance is the continuation of the aforementioned. As most Startovarius fans dó know, mastermind and main composer Timo Tolkki had already written a most of the songs to be released on a new Stratovarius album, when the other members yet again gave him enough of a hard time with all kinds of petty disagreements for him to decide to stop playing with them altogether! Everything that could be said with Stratovarius in the Progressive/ Symphonic Power Metal genre had already been said. They'd brought a total of 13 albums, sold over 3 million copies, had achieved 3 consecutive gold records in their home country Finland, had done 6 world fact, in Tolkki's mind to continue with the same members would be to repeat the same formula at nausea...and this wasn't the first time disagreements had led to a short split between the members!

Feeling the songs he'd just composed for Stratovarius were still worthy be to put on album, he recruited a temporary band with Thunderstone's drummer Mirka Rantanen, 45 Degree Woman bassist Pasi Haikkilä, and keyboardist Joanas Puolakka to record the songs, then hired Michael Kiske, Tobias Sammet (Edguy), and Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone) as singers for the project. Yeah, project...because the recording artists will not be the musicians which will accompany Tolkki on the road and future RR adventures. Following the recordings, Tolkki started auditions for a band, and as soon as he's gotten a solid line-up together, will be taking these people on the road to promote the album.

Stratovarius fans will certainly not sulk too long about the demise of their favourite band after having heard RR's material, because there's hardly any difference! Of course, each singer gives the track he's on a specific stamp of his own, and a lot depends on the lead singer Tolkki will find to vocally represent his music in the future. With half of the 10 songs brought by the delectable Michael Kiske (and 3 by Rantanen)we kinda get an idea which direction he'll be looking for his new singer, so I'm afraid he'll have sóme trouble finding the right person. Then again, the main thing is that the new band members get along with each other...the rest should follow quite naturally!

End conclusion: if you're a Stratovarius fan, you can't miss out on Revolution Renaissance's New Era (what an apt title, don't you think? And I'm sure it was meant that way too). I'm not sure (because I forgot to check when I could, silly me), but there may be some material off the new album posted for a listening session at