CD REVIEW A Hill To Die Upon

Band: A Hill To Die Upon
Title: Infinite Titanic Immortal
Label: Bombworks Records
Distribution: Bertus
Release date: 22/09/2009
Review: CD

A Hill To Die Upon are a very young Illinois-based formation (‘young’ also goes for the average age of the members), formed by brothers Michael and Adam Cook. The duo recorded their dark and technical debut, Infinite Titanic Immortal, at the Trash Rocket Studio (also in Illinois), while the mix and mastering were taken care of in Sweden (Dark Chamber Studios). And even though A Hill To Die Upon come from the New World, their sound and approach is very Scandinavian, or more specific: very Nordic / Norwegian. This goes for the musical approach (instruments + vocals), the song structures, as well as the cold, grim atmosphere. There’s a lot of variety between the individual hymns (tempo + melodies) and not one single moment the band sounds as a copy of any Norwegian band; however it might be clear that the influence of bands as Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child, Gorgoroth, Immortal, Antestor or Keep Of Kalessin have been of undeniable importance. Also other European bands have given a certain direction to AHTDU’s Black Metal – think Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Lord Belial, Enthroned amongst others. Yet their own approach makes Infinite Titanic Immortal worth listening to without giving an uncomfortable feeling of cheapness.

For the interested ones: A Hill To Die Upon is a Christian band – yet like many other Christian Death / Black / Thrash bands, the heaviness of their music equals many Satanic ones!


Ivan Tibos.