CD REVIEW Blutvial

Band: Blutvial
Title: Curses Thorns Blood
Label: Mordgrimm
Distribution: Infektion
Release date: 23/07/2012
Review: CD

Blutvial were formed by two experienced Black Metal musicians, Aort (g, b, d), known from e.g. Code, Decrepit Spectre, Binah or Indesinence, and Ewchymlaen (v, g) (think: Acolyte’s Ruin and Reign Of Eberus, and session assistance to Code or Frost). The duo released a 7”EP in 2007 through Ledo Takas Records (entitled Full Moon Possession) and a first full length in 2009, I Speak Of The Devil, which was released through Spikefarm Records.

With assistance of drummer Zemogh, Blutvial recorded the sophomore full length, Curses Thorns Blood, at Orgone Studio with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (who did work before with bands and projects like Code (1), Ulver, Aura Noir, Spearhead, Cathedral, Ghost etc.).
[(1) meaning: Jaime G.A. knew the members for them being involved with Code]

Curses Thorns Blood has duration of more than fifty minutes and that’s nothing but an intense sonic orgasm for every Nordic Black Metal freak. Striking is the introduction. Instead of an atmospheric and / or epic and / or symphonic intro, Blutvial open this second album with a blasting eruption of high-speed aggression and pitch-black power. And it does define, immediately, the core of this whole recording: archaic, chaotic and furious Old School-oriented Underground Black Metal with a lo-fi Nordic sound. Sounds tasteful if you like your meat blood-red (or still alive, convulsive if you want to). This is dirty, sulphuric (those venomous vocals, for example…) and roughly unpolished, this is Gorgoroth - meet - Carpathian Forest in a mostly intolerable and impermissible edition. And just like its predecessor, Curses Blood Thorns includes those misanthropic, apocalyptic moments of barbaric Doom - a sublime elaborated counterbalance against those skull-pulverizing and maniacal high-speed assaults. And when it comes to those slower parts (as well as a few faster ones, especially towards the end of the album), I cannot but mention the Post-Black current. The latter comes, especially, in reference to the pounding, dissonant and technical riffs and neo-punky rhythm in songs like “Tirade Against Oversocialisation” or “Wethered And Broken-Mouthed”.

For fans of: Carpathian Forest, Taake, Tsjuder, Nebel, Gorgoroth, Pest, Curse, Gorath, Blut Aus Nord, Craft, Mord etc.


Ivan Tibos.