Band: Dr Voy
Album title: That's All Fake
Label: Hysterias
Distributor: COD Distribution
Release date: 05/04/2012
Release: CD

Dr Voy, the rock 'n roll band from La Louvière in Belgium, is back with its third record, called That's All Fake. Don't think you're dealing with the Belgian Danko Jones or Peter Pan Speedrock, because Dr Voy's music sounds much more mainstream and not as dirty as those two bands just mentioned. Although the subjects of the lyrics are quite similar, going from women in “Ladies And Knights” to having drinks in “Just One Beer”.

That's All Fake will definitely be liked by the die hard rock 'n roll lover, but I think it'll be difficult to convince a new audience of what they can do. That's All Fake is all right.


Nick Tronckoe.