CD REVIEW Fhoi Myore

Band: Fhoi Myore
Title: Fhoi Myore
Label: Ancestrale Production
Distribution: Ancestrale Production
Release date: 31/08/2012
Review: CD

France’s (more specific: from the region of Nice) Fhoi Myore were formed in 2008 by Balahr The One Eyed (music & arrangements, guitars, bass and horns), Kerennos (who’s nowadays not a permanent member anymore; on this release he provides a couple of bass arrangements) and Sreng (vocals and lyrics). Their lyrical main source of inspiration was based on the sci-fi-works of Michael Moorcock (a well-known British Fantasy / SF-author; he did work with Hawkwind and Blue Öyster Cult before as well, for your information), and based on this English writer’s works, they did create an own universe where Chaos prevails.

After a first demo and a split-EP (with Darkenhöld, another superior act on the sublime French label Ancestrale Production; I had the honour to review their A Passage To The Towers-full length; for the review on this sublime album, see the update on the May 7th 2011’s review’s section), Bress (drums) joined the band’s ranks, and in 2011 Fhoi Myore recorded and released the highly acclaimed The Northern Cold-EP. Shortly after, the band started composing and recording their (nameless) debut full length.
[there was a compilation-CD as well, apparently, in 2010, called Anno 2009]

The album is a logical continuance of the 2011-EP, meaning that Fhoi Myore stands for a rhythmical and obscure form of Nordic-sounding Underground Black Metal. The production is dry as desert sand, raw as a rusted razor, and grim as a misanthropist’s love for the Human Race. And of course it fits so wonderfully well to these mainly fast hymns of un-beauty and ancestral hate-worship. At the same time, the album is melodic and rough, timeless and old-fashioned, brain-caressing and skull-crushing. It’s the wonderful kind of duality that defines my pleasure for the Macabre Sounds of Doom (f*ck, how silly ;o)…), but it also explains my passion for the most sinister Underworlds’ sounds, so magnificently performed by these sweet French entities.

It does not reinvent anything at all, this nameless debut full length, but it does articulate on the purest basics of what True Black Metal should sound like, in case you opt for the Nordic-oriented nature. This kind of epic and majestic grotesquery isn’t that unusual within the great French scene, and this band / this release is another example of how it can turn the right way – the darkest way!


Ivan Tibos.