CD REVIEW Halestorm

Band : Halestorm
Album title :  The Strange Case Of…
Label : Roadrunner Records
Distributor : CNR Records – Tone – Concreteweb Promotion Office
Release date : 10/04/2012
Release : CD

This is Halestorm’s second album, and not having heard their first album, a first acquaintance for me.  And what a pleasant surprise it has become.

Upon hearing the first song I mistakenly thought that this band soundeda bit like a post grunge grunge band, but that first impression soon went away upon hearing the next tracks. This is in no ways grunge or related to grunge. As a matter of fact I’m having difficulties to put this band in a genre case, as their music is so diverse. Just listen to the third track ”I Miss The Misery”, to me this could have been a song performed by Pink, but played more ballsy then Pink would have done. I’d like to think that Halestorm play a type of music that surpasses the different genres.

What’s also remarkable about this band are the vocals. This band should praise the Lord for having a frontwoman like Izzy Hale. She not only has a very powerful, but also a very flexible all round voice, by which I mean that she can just as easily sing a slow, subdued ballad, as a blazing rock song.

This is a band that is very talented, and if they keep up churning out albums like this one, one day might make it big. They surely deserve it.


Erik Morren.