Band: Olde York
Album title: Shallow World
Label: WTF Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 21/09/2012
Release: CD

Hailing from New York city, Olde York has every right to make real New York hardcore. That is what they do on their newest full length, called Shallow World.
Don't expect a renewing sound of these four guys, but just something that has been done by many bands before them. The stress on this record is much more on being able to sing-a-long to the songs and move around. Just give a listen to songs such as “The Hatred You Spread” and “Fall Of Man”.

During the entire album, you really get a Crown Of Thornz vibe and that's no coincidence as Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Skarhead, Crown of Thornz) himself produced Shallow World.
If you're into hardcore in the veins of Judge, Warzone, Underdog and Leeway, you can't go wrong with Olde York's new album. Prepare for a new piece of NYHC history.


Nick Tronckoe.