Band : Red
Album title : Until We Have Faces
Label : Sony Music
Distributor : Sony Music
Release date : September 2012
Release : CD

I had never heard of this band before.  It’s a confession I have to make, but I was highly pleased with this band.

Their music is a mix between Linkin Park and Nickelback, with a few other influences thrown in as well.  Their singer Michael Barnes could easily replace Chad Kroeger in Nickelback if you ask me, cause not only is his voice very similar, but what he can do with it sounds like Chad as well.

Now is this an album that will stand out.  No, I don’t think so, but if you like bands like Nickelback and Linkin Park, then this is an album you should try.  Beware, it doesn’t have the rap parts like Linkin Park have, nor the alternation between two different vocals, but it’s good quality music, well performed.

Oh, and two things I almost forgot to mention, they’ve already be nominated twice for Grammy awards, and they are a Christian band as well.


Erik Morren.