CD REVIEW Retaliatory Measures

Band: Retaliatory Measures
Album title: Whitdrawal Syndromes
Label: Massacre Records
Distributor: Suburban
Release date: 26/10/2012
Release: CD

Retaliatory Measures is a frantic death & thrash-newcomer from Finland. The band was founded at the beginning of 2009 and released its first Demo at late 2009 witch received a lot of pretty good feedback throughout the music media in Finland. After going through some minor line-up changes at 2010, Retaliatory Measures founded its current Line-up.

Later on in 2010, a Promo-cd entitled MMX was released and the major goal was to find a good publisher/Record label for possible full-length debut album. After a while, the band got  a deal with German record label, Massacre Records. And that brings us to the release of this record.

And it’s a record that can compete with the best, since it has the best of death and trash metal and can be best compared to a combination of Exodus meets Annihilator. The diversity is its best selling point as there also is room for more melodic parts (during certain songs) aorta dorm the brutal screaming and riffing.