Band: Striker
Album title: Armed To The Teeth
Label: Napalm Records
Distributor: Rough Trade – Tone Entertainment
Release date: 27/07/2012
Release: CD

Striker (a Canadian band) was formed in 2007 by Ian Sandercock and Dan Cleary, but Striker couldn't found a consistent line-up until the summer of 2008. That’s when they released their debut EP named Road Warrior On Iron Kodex Recods. With this EP, they got noticed and got praised so they toured Europe a lot.

Their debut album Eyes In The Night got praised even more all around the world witch got them the chance to share the stage with bands like Sodom and 3 Inches Of Blood. So a follow-up album was only a matter of time.

Their latest release called Armed To The Teeth can best be described as consistent. It’s more or less the same sound as their previous work but of course has those few tweaks here and there. It’s good heavy metal but to be honest it still has a bit of room for improvement. It does lack that certain thing which makes every song memorable, but they definitely won the best prize for coolest cover.