Band: The Maine
Album title: Pioneer & The Good Love
Label: Action Theory Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 11/09/2012
Release: CD

The Maine's new record, Pioneer & The Good Love, has seen some rough times before reaching the European record store shelves.

After writing nine brand new songs in a farm in Arizona, their record label just turned all of them down. They didn't let this disappointment get to them and just started recording again, independently this time. They came up with 13 new songs, released as the album Pioneer. It didn't stop there though: they recorded 6 more tracks which were featured on The Good Love in the USA. To release all this material in Europe, they just had the perfectly logic idea to combine all 19 tracks on one record, called Pioneer & The Good Love.
The Maine wrote some nice Rock songs, with a slight Emo touch to it. It's almost as if Maroon 5 meets My Chemical Romance. Just listen to “My Heroin” and “Some Days” for example. These songs prove that The Maine is an underrated band.

The Maine will definitely break and conquer lots of girls' hearts in Europe with the release of Pioneer & The Good Love.


Nick Tronckoe.