Band : Triumph
Album title : Live At Sweden Rock Festival
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux Tone Entertainment
Release date : 24/08/2012
Release : CD

I own two Triumph albums, the 1981 album Allied Forces, and the Thunder Seven album that was released in 1984. But since these albums are still the old vinyl albums, and I haven’t yet sought if they exist in CD version. And since I still haven’t decided where to install my pick-up, this means it has been years since I last heard this band.

That does not mean that have forgotten this band. I remember that in the eighties, I could hardly believe that a band that had only 3 musicians in it, were able to play with that much power, and still be able to produce a fine, sound, without emphasizing the power too much (like some other bands, like Jaguar or Raven did).

No this band played very nice hard rock, and gave us some classic songs like the aforementioned ”Allied Forces”, or the sensational ”Magic Power”.  The guitar solos by Mr. Rik Emmet were world class.

And as this CD recorded, at Sweden Rock Festival in 2008 proves, the band still has got plenty of power left. For Triumph fans, the full package contains a CD, as well as a DVD, both have the same songs on them.


Erik Morren.