CD REVIEW Antigama

Band: Antigama
Title: Stop The Chaos
Label: SelfMadeGod Records
Distribution: SelfMadeGod Records
Release date: May 18th 2012
Review: MCD

Polish Antigama, I’ve never understood the hype behind this band. I do not dislike them, but I really don’t get their ‘popularity’. This band did release hands full of material throughout the past decade (especially through SelfMadeGod and Relapse), but there’s not one single recording I consider as outstanding. To me, this band is (was) known for an average deadly-moshing form of Grindcore with nothing, or not much special to add. …one of the (too) many bands within comparable spheres to Nasum, Noisear, Discordance Axis and Psyopus, or fellow countrymen from e.g. Niya, Patologicum or Neuropathia.
Later this year, the band will release a new full length, as well as another split (with Noisear and The Kill), yet in mean time we’ll have to do with this six-tracker, done again with mixing and mastering assistance of one of Poland’s best known studio masters, Szymon Czech (think: Vesania, Non Opus Dei, Tenebrosus, Luna ad Noctum, Archeon etc.).
And for the first time in my life I am impressed! These fifteen minutes do not differ that much from the past, yet with one highly important evolution: the progression of craftsmanship and persuasion! I find it extremely hard to define my emotions about this new material, but imagine Resonance or Warning re-interpreted with a cooler level of heat, and created with increased experiment yet without infantile exaggeration. Indeed, the über-professionalised technical skills and the rusty yet skull-crushing sound make this recording the most convincing one to date. The out-of-the-box-thinking approach works – just listen to the outro, which adds a secret / sacred atmosphere beyond any moshing identity. In this case I do really look forward to hear Antigama’s upcoming full length.
Nice surprise!


Ivan Tibos.