Band : At Vance
Album title : Facing Your Enemy
Label : AFM Music
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date :
Release : CD

Two years ago At Vance released some sort of ‘Best Of’ album, giving a nice overview over their carreer.  Indeed the band has been around for a bit more than ten years already, and have released a score of albums over this time.

The band is centered around Olaf Lenk, guitarist and master composer of this band.  On vocals they have always had very good shouters, like Oliver Hartmann, who was replaced by Mats Leven (ex Malmsteen), who in turn was replaced by Rick Altzi, who still holds the mike on this album.

This album continues in the same vain as it’s predecessors.  Decent compositions who are well performed.  So expect power metal, with very good guitar work, and interspersed with keyboards.
Musically there are the obligatory ballads, the up tempo songs etc.  but there’s one song that sticks out like a sore thumb, and that’s the final song of the album ‘Things I Never Needed’, which is totally out of place on this album. Fans of At Vance  will undoubtedly rush out to buy this album.  If your collection has no album of At Vance you might buy this one, or almost any other album they’ve released in the past.


Erik Morren.