CD REVIEW Crimes Of Passion

Band: Crimes Of Passion
Title: To Die For
Label: DR2 Records
Distribution: The Global Music Group
Release date: March 2012
Review: CD

To Die For is the second Crimes Of Passion full length, to be released about four years after the self-called debut. It has been recorded with Charlie Bauerfeind (production, mix, engineering and mastering) of Helloween / Rage / Blind Guardian / Saxon / Primal Fear / Gamma Ray / …-fame. He’s responsible for the full sound and nice balance between the individual efforts. Another reason for a ‘fuller’ and more dynamic / energetic sound, in comparison to the debut, might be the recruitment of a second guitarist, of course.
The debut, well, actually it isn’t really worth referring to, I guess. This sophomore album, on the contrary, is little more interesting. Yet not much more than ‘just a little more’, I’m afraid.
More than an hour of over-predictable and much too goody-goody Power / Heavy Metal / Rock; as a matter of fact, I wonder why I have to review this stuff again? Is our Concreteweb’s chief trying to irritate me? Insulting me?
Never mind, even though it is not my cup of venomous tea, I guess the artwork will have to do a lot with it. …not the cover art, yet the rest…
Back to musical business. Sixty two minutes, repetition again, with melodic, timeless and emotive Metal tunes. Craftsmanship for sure, because these guys are able to handle their instrument. For sure. Catchy, even energetic and dynamic from time to time (most of the time), including a handful of epic moments.
Especially the heavier parts are nice; some pathetically ‘sweet’ excerpts aren’t but ridiculous, yet that’s another subjectivism resulting from having a Black Metal fan demanding to review such material…
No score, because it won’t be honest, for albeit much too honey-poppish to me; but acceptable and even fun in a non-irritating way (or at least not irritating whole the time)… And instead of the major part of this kind of bands: no total boredom or dullness (just a little, don’t get me wrong). And based on the opinion of a ‘fan’ of this kind of shit, it really isn’t that bad at all, apparently, and for sure an enormous progressive evolution in comparison to that infantile debut…


Ivan Tibos.