CD REVIEW Darkside Of Innocence

Band: Darkside Of Innocence
Title: Xenogenesis
Label: Infektion Records
Distribution: Infektion Records
Release date: January 17th 2012
Review: MCD

Darkside Of Innocence is the brainchild of Portuguese writer / philosopher / gnosticus / musician Pedro Remiz, and known for a first musical experience in 2009, called Infernum Liberus EST (released though Russia’s Death / Dark / Black-label Grailight Productions). FYI: at the end of the former decade, Darkside Of Innocence were not (just) a solo-project but a ‘real’ band; nowadays the members parted ways with Pedro, turning DOI back into a one-man project.

Xenogenesis is a mixture of the Dark and the Progressive: Black Metal, Industrial, Prog, Grind, Death Metal, Doom and Noise. It is a mostly weird sonic interpretation of Obscurity: Anaal Nathrakh, Solefald, Nachtmystium, Mistress, Diabolicum, Lifelover, Ram-Zet, Belmez, Aborym, Diabolos Rising or Agrypnie, eccentric and way beyond normality. Nothing like this and much more than that, creepy and eerie Prog-Black spawn from mentally sick basics, conceptually barbaric and barbarian-conceptual.

Fuck offs: the female vox: skip them!
Turn ons: everything else; you just need to be slightly mentally sickened, that will help!


Ivan Tibos.