CD REVIEW December Flower

Band: December Flower
Title: When All Life Ends…
Label: Cyclone Empire (CD) / Imperium Productions (LP)
Distribution: Soulfood / Sure Shot Worx
Release date: December 2nd 2011
Review: CD

December Flower are a new formation, born out of the ashes of Chronicles Of Tyrants, and consisting of current and former members of e.g. Deviated Presence, In Cold Eternity, Through The Ashes and Resurrected. The band debuts (there was a demo, called Moloch, recorded in 2008) officially with When All Life Ends…, which was recorded by former member Simon Werner.
What’s remarkable is that December Flower hail from Germany, yet they do sound rather Swedish, and more specifically inspired by the Gothenburg-scene. I hear you think: again?! Another Swedish-sounding band that does not come from Sweden? Spain, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Hungary, even the New World, they all do have their part of Sweden-influenced grotesquery, and so is Germany. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by one of the oldest and most directing / influential scenes ever, of course, yet with an overload on recordings, you just need to (try to) exceed the grey masses. Isn’t ‘December Flower’, by the way, a song by In Flames (The Jester Race)?... A coincidence? I think not.
In the case of December Flower I’m not sure about recognition. …except for in their home country, for sure… When All Life Ends… brings forty minutes of rather predictable yet, at the same time, enormously dark-edged early / mid-nineties’ Gothenburg Death Metal, with more intimacy to traditional Death Metal though, in comparison to the melodic and technical approach of the original initiators. This dark-way direction is a surplus for sure, for covering a part of the final atmosphere in a veil of mystic and epic nebulae. It might even touch the fragile border with the melodic Black Metal scene from the early nineties from time to time.
Unfortunately this band’s songs aren’t always as memorable as protagonists like early In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, Gates Of Ishtar, Unanimated, Centinex or Dissection. However, these forty minutes remember me to a somewhat over-hyped yet non-ignorable new age of Extreme Metal from, let’s say, one and a half, two decades ago, perfected in the Gothenburg regions and nowadays explored and copied limitless. In December Flower’s case, When All Life Ends… is a worthy debut, and overall a modest recording, recommendable for sure to all fans of any of higher mentioned Swedish bands.


Ivan Tibos.