CD REVIEW Divine Codex

Band: Divine Codex
Title: The Dark Descent
Label: Mighty Hordes Productions
Distribution: x
Release date: March 1st 2012
Review: CD

Divine Codex are an Italian duo, consisting of Atum (of Vidharr / Tundra / Biastema / …-fame) on drums and keyboards, and guitarist / bassist Guh.Lu from Hell Terrorist. This second album was created at Rome’s Sound Industry Studio (produced by their label Mighty Hordes Productions, and mixed / mastered by former VII Arcano / 3rd Room / Theatres Des VampiresRoberto Cufaro) with a session vocalist and two guest guitar players, and each of them might be pretty well known. The vocals on their second album The Dark Descent (after Ante Matter, War Arts 2010) are done by nobody else but Håkan ‘Lord Mysteriis’ Sjödin – think Setherial [1], In Battle, Blackwinds etc.; a couple of guitar solos gets performed by Belphegor’s Bernd ‘Bernth’ Blodträger, some others by Ophiolatry’s Fabio Zperandio [2].
[1 both Atum and Guh.Lu did co-operate with Setherial before]
[2 just like Atum and Guh.Lu, Fabio worked with Singapore’s finest Impiety as well]

The Dark Descent has duration of more than fifty minutes and brings an apocalyptic form of obscure, necrotic and haunting Black Metal with a mostly warlike and post-nuclear Underground sound. The melodies are varying in tempo, even though the focus lies on energy and dynamism. But the main importance, and that’s what I do appreciate enormously, is the grumpy yet wonderfully dark-iced-balanced approach. Meaning: asphyxiating, ominous and bleak. I guess I’m not exaggerating if I should mention a certain comparison to, for example, Mayhem’s Ordo Ab Chao…!... As a matter of fact, the whole comes with a complexity that teases man’s stamina, but all of it gets well preserved into acceptance and persuasive endurance, as long as one dares to undergo this encumbering grimness.

I did mention it a thousand times before, but I do think Italy is an underestimated country when it comes to majestic Black Grandeur. Yes, it has to do with loads of infantile combos that try to be as evil as my grandmother’s pants after being used for a couple of weeks; yet again, the counterpart exists of so many extraordinary bands that do equal the likes of Norway and Sweden, and all other countries that turn ‘black’ into the most lovely colour.



Ivan Tibos.