Band : DyNAbyte
Album title : 2KX
Label : Dreamcell 11 Entertainment - Wormholedeath
Distributor : Aural Music
Release date : 25/02/2011 (original release on USB-stick 10/10/2010 – see below)
Release : CD

A release over a year old, and we're still doin' its review? Well, what were we gonna do, when the download promotional files were only made available to us but recently? We gó for it, of course, and try to find out just why it is that we were not made aware of the release sooner.

This North-West Italian Industrial Metal band was originally founded in 1998 by guitarist/ keyboardist LJ Dusk (whom had already played in such bands as Zona, 4WD, and TSO), bassist/ keyboardist John, and singer Giallo. That same year, John, alongside Opera IX drummer Marcelo “Flegias” Santos on vocals, also joined the partly reunited Black/ Death/ Thrash Metal act Necrodeath (he would stay with that band, until 2008, collaborating to 5 full-length albums, and even guesting on a track of their 2010 album Old Skull), and in 2002 he co-founded the Flamenco-influenced Thrash/ Death Metal act Raza De Odio (alongside Necrodeath drummer Marco PesoPesenti – the band only created a 2003 demo and the great October 2004 album La Nuevo Alarma, issued through Scarlet Records. The band officially split in November of last, but never released a sophomore album). If you feel overwhelmed by all the details so far, please hold on a little longer...I am merely trying to point out that the Ligurian Metal scene around Genova is a somewhat singular one, where the “better” musicians eventually turn up playing with each other in different projects and bands. This first line-up first played covers by the likes of Rammstein and Marilyn Manson and then started writing their own material, strongly influenced by Fear Factory's Remanufacture album, and eventually recorded some of those songs onto a demo album.

For what happened when in 2001 Giallo leaves DyNAbyte (the name is taken from a joining of the words DNA, dynamite, and byte – symbolising the spirit of a powerful music born from human brain and excited by technology)? He is replaced by Cadaveria, whom left Opera IX (which she had co-founded in 1992) in April 2001 in favour of her own band Cadaveria (the line-up of which also includes John under the name of Killer Bob, and initially – he left in 2003 – also comprised LJ Dusk under the name Baron Harkonnen on keyboards), and now things really start moving for DyNAbyte! Well, at first things moved a little more for Cadaveria (the band), which released its debut album The Shadows Madame in March 2002, and followed that up with sophomore album Far Away From Conformity in January 2004. But all along the way the trio known as DyNAbyte had continued to work on their material, released a 4-track demo in 2003, and on the strength of that signed to Nocturnal Records (now Rotten Records), which in late 2004 issued the album Extreme Mental Piercing (now apparently quite impossible to get) to positive feedback, when even old fans of Cadaveria (of her Opera IX days – consider that band had moved from Gothic to Black Metal) show appreciation for her new style of vocals in DyNAbyte. A busy time followed for both Cadaveria (the artist) and John, as both were touring for their own bands (two bands in the case of John), and at the same time they were also promoting the DyNAbyte album with gigs in North Italy and a short tour in Holland. In 2005 the album is licenced to Russian label CD-Maximum, and a video is released for album track “I'm My Enemy”.

When LJ Dusk sets forth to compose new DyNAbyte music, Cadaveria (the artist) makes good use of the calmer period to create a new Cadaveria (the band) album, 2007's In Your Blood. First rehearsals for the new DyNAbyte material start in the Fall of 2007, but the complete session from he start of writing to having a finished product would take quite some time, as the band first takes out some time setting up their own studio. Cadaveria (the artist) finishes recording the vocals for the album in Spring 2009, and from that point on 12 new songs are ready to be tuned. The mixing and mastering of the material (by LJ Dusk & John) wuld again take quite some time, and eventually the band manages to create the DigitalBooklet Flash animation, exclusive to the 1 GB USB-stick, which is self-released on 10/10/10. That was really the band's own choice, as their music is after all involved with computers, the members themselves in the internet...and they wanted to offer their fans the possibility to discover the band from a different angle. WormholeDeath Records then releases the album on CD in February 2011.

Okay...some personal observations now. I've made the trouble to look into this band a little further, also checking an interview (in Italian) with Cadaveria (the artist) and music of both the first DyNAbyte album and Cadaveria (the band). I must say the singer already uses her different vocal stylings (clean, Thrash-y rough, low growls, and Blackened screams) in her own band, but for DyNAbyte the overall focus is geared more towards the cleaner style. Also, when comparing DyNAbyte's first album with the new one, it becomes apparent that the voice (which was frequently put through effects on the debut) is now far more natural, and also that there's overall less keyboards and synths, and more guitars on the new album. To make the comparison yourself, the band enables everyone to listen to the complete Extreme Metal Piercing album on their own website (www.) To be found there as well, are the “I'm My Enemy” video, and a video for the new album's “Wave” (filmed in two days at the end of March 2011, and released, after 3 months of endless editing, at the end of July.), and you can actually download the album closing track “Blinded By My Light” for free on the homepage of the site. For more music off the new album, check the band's MySpaceand facebook pages, where you'll find full-length versions of 2KX songs “Hereditary Neuronavigation” and “The Mummy”. If you want more, you'll have to make due with the samples provided by on-line sales sites Amazon, iTunes and 7Digital, through which the album became available from May 2011.

End conclusion, pure and simple: if you're into Industrial Metal, into female-fronted heavy bands or, quite simply put, into real good music, I strongly recommend that you check the band out, possibly even buy the album. Which leaves the question, can I live without an actual hard copy of the album? Most probably...but I am glad I came across it anyway, and I'll sure order the album next time I get to the record store downtown! In other words...although I did not rate the album high enough for inclusion into my personal year-lists, I still find it worthy enough to spend my money on...and I'm guessing there's plenty of you readers who'll feel the same after having heard what the band has on offer!