Band : Gravety
Album title : Into The Grave
Label : Own release
Distributor : Source Of Deluge Records
Release date : 30/03/2012
Release : CD

Formed in March 2009 and still existing in its foundation line-up of singer Kevin Portz, guitarist Philipp Albert, guitarist/ growled vocals provider Gernot Gebhard, bassist Simon Schmitt, and drummer Lukas Didion, this Saarbrücken (South-West of Germany) based band set out to play “...the most Heavy fucking Metal...” from the get-go. And to do this they “...combine elements of Thrash Metal and Doom to create a fast and aggressive sound that is likewise epic, heavy, and melodic...” (cited from the band's official website on MySpace – by the way, (www.) only re-directs to that!). In their own words, “A new style of Metal had been created, which these guys call Thrash 'n' Doom Metal.”

And that is exactly what you get, you know. The excited drum foundation definitely brings the Thrash foundation with its higher velocity...the guitars play something in between Doom and Thrash with alternating paces...and the singer is for sure a runaway from a classic type of Doom Metal act (mid-high range with some nasal quality to it). An added Thrash touch in the vocals comes from the second guitarist's occasional growls (which are nót present in àll songs). Somewhere last year the band recorded its 10-track (9 if you're not counting the 36-second intro “Entrance”) debut album, off which they posted (both at their MySpace and facebook pages) the closing track “Axe Of Execution” as a taster in early September of last year.Weirdly enough, for a band still in need to promote itself to the fullest, they still have not added additional material to that. Well, perhaps they feel you'll have to make due with thàt, and the 30-second samples of the other songs usually provided by the trusted online sales websites (on the condition, of course, that Amazon indeed ads these samples, because at the moment they are not yet available).
Thus far, the band had opportunity to promote its album with a release show in Saarbrücken, playing support to Paul Di'Anno (yes, the former Iron Maiden frontman. Meanwhile, the first reviews have been coming in (see links in blogs at (www.) You're free to compare, of course.