CD REVIEW Hardline

Band : Hardline
Album title : Danger Zone
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade - Tone
Release date : 18/05/2012
Release : CD

As mentioned in my review (posted 13/04/2009) of this Hard Rock act's previous studio album, 2009's Leaving The End Open, Hardline was in essence always a band around brothers Johnny and Jo-Jo Law Gioeli (the first know primarily in his role as longtime frontman for Axel Rudi Pell). The latter had still contributed in the composition side of the songs on that album, but then declined playing the guitar on the album, and subsequently stepping out of music altogether, and for Johnny, that was enough reason to discontinue the Hardline idea after that particular album. However...

...that was counting without Frontiers RecordsCEO Serafino Perugino, whom brought Johnny in contact with Italian keyboard player and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (of Edge Of Forever). After an initial contact, Del Vecchio (whom, having bought the 1992 Hardline album Double Eclipse at the age of 13, had always been a fan of the band) started to put down some ideas for songs...and these interested Johnny to the point of revising his demise verdict on Hardline! Through the recruitment of guitarist Thorsten Koehne (Code Of Perfection, Eden's Curse), bassist Anna Portalupi (Mitch Malloy) and drummer Francisco Jovino (UDO), the band now also has a European line-up, and that's the band we hear on this new 12-track, 58-minute album. A band Johnny says he would lóve to tour with because, he thinks his fans would be surprised by the “...good solid kick in the teeth...” they would get from hearing the power behind this band!.

For sure, the music is quite powerful, and I've personally found it amazing that, for music in the first place written by a keyboard player, that instrument has an atmospheric rather than a leading role. In fact, there's quite some nice solos on this album, I tell you. Great catchy songs too, all bearing Gioeli's typical strong voice! At this moment, the only full-length track off the new album I found on the Internet, is album opener “Fever Dreams”, and that in the form of its video (there's also a “Making Of”) on the band's official website (www.) In the media section you'll also find samples of 3 other songs on the album (but then you can just as well check out the album's page on one of your trusted online sales sites, as they normally provide 30-second samples of àll songs on an album). For older material, check out (www.) (really a site managed by former Hardline keyboarder Michael T. Ross).