CD REVIEW Huntress

Band: Huntress
Title: Spell Eater
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Rough Trade Benelux - Tone
Release date: April 27th 2012
Review: CD

Californian act Huntress was formed rather recently by Jill Janus. Her origins are especially Opera-based; as a teenager, for example, she toured Europe as Opera starlet, and back in the US, Jill was active as singer in cabarets and night clubs in Manhattan. After she moved to Los Angeles, she also started co-operating in the Rock / Metal scene, and when she started collaborating with the band Professor, her energy and drive to start her own Metal band slowly took form.
In combination with her passion for the Occult, sorcery, witchcraft and alchemy / science, Huntress (which do also include (former) members of e.g. Skeletonwitch, Dark Black and Professor), Huntress became an outlet for her creativity and will to write, and perform, somewhat classical yet chilling-darkened (Heavy) Metal. And Spell Eater is Huntress’ debut, now available after the band signed to Austria’s top-label Napalm Records.
When talking (writing) about Jill’s vocals: variation! She uses different aspects of vocal ranges and possibilities, including screams, harmony chants, anyway: legio!
Musically this form of Speed / Thrash / Heavy Metal is rather Old School-inspired, yet with a modernised approach, which does lift the stuff up above the average nowadays.
And in its totality, I dare to mention a mixture of, let’s say, Wykked Wytch, NWOBHM (think Saxon, Maiden and Priest), 3 Inches Of Blood, Détente, earlier Warlock, Skeletonwitch, Bay Area, King Diamond / Mercyful Fate and Christian Mistress. I know it’s a risk to put my finger on such comparison, but do I f… care?
This stuff rocks and rolls, this breathes the atmosphere of the eighties and still sounds actual / modern, and the totality is a successful effort for all open-minded fans of higher mentioned religions. Occult Heavy / Thrash for real…


Ivan Tibos.