Band: Mordax
Title: Violence Fraud Treachery
Label: Ultimhate Records
Distribution: Ultimhate Records
Release date: February 24th 2012
Review: CD

Denmark’s Mordax were formed in 2004, but Violence Fraud Treachery isn’t but the band’s official full length debut; there was an EP in 2010, called Slaughter, by the way. Recently Mordax signed to young but strong / strongly upcoming Belgian Extreme Metal label Ultimhate, resulting in the release of Violence Fraud Treachery, which was mixed and mastered by nobody else but Dan Swanö (!) (who also did some guest vocals, by the way).
Duration: 47:27”.
What this album stands for is a perfect expression of the most general Death / Thrash scene from Denmark and Sweden (both of them, as you might know, are intensively comparable in many aspects). It does sound modern and melodic, catchy and groovy, including the many necessary changes in melody and tempo, including the necessary pseudo-emotional injections, including the typifying solos, riffs, vocals and rhythms, etc. Indeed, when looking for originality, you better skip this stuff. But Mordax inject this material with some own elements and ideas, and this album is of a more than satisfying average quality, going for both sound and performance. And it isn’t ‘just Scandinavian Thrash / Death’ these guys perform; more than once the scenes from North America, Germany and Holland come to mind as well.
Timeless and universal Death-edged Thrash Metal for headbang’s sake!


Ivan Tibos.