Band: Naglfar
Title: Téras
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI
Release date: March 26th 2012
Review: CD

Very short: one of my adored acts from Sweden, because of a couple of things: the evolution they made, the sound, the staying-true-to-the-roots.
Evolution: once one of the many melodic Black Metal bands from Sweden with an epic approach, and in the beginning nothing more, or not much more, than that, yet continuously coherent and qualitatively correct, and ever-growing.
The sound: massive, gargantuan, yet without evolving into catchy pulp. All right, acts like Marduk or Setherial (even though not just comparable) follow the same path, yet aren’t they way beyond the average insanity as well? Indeed, that’s what I mean(t). So are Naglfar: true and pure.
The experience: almost two decades of existence, and still growing (see above); a collective of elders that does not follow any trend, yet continuously following the basics, the initial and pure essence of Archaism and Paganism. Not repeating itself time after time, not trying to reinvent some stupid success; however, using knowledge and experience to maintain…
(might help: the huge back ground ‘catalogue’, meaning: the superior acts the members are involved with as well)
Drums done by Belgian super skin-hitter Dirk Verbeuren (!), recorded at Wolf’s Lair, mastered by Göran Finnberg at The Mastering Room.
Enjoy, and just let Téras penetrate your ear drums and brain with glorious pleasure!


Ivan Tibos.