Band: Pact
Title: The Dragon Lineage Of Satan
Label: Moribund
Distribution: Bertus
Release date: January 30th 2012 (Europe) / January 31st 2012 (North America)
Review: CD

Pact are a trio (Wretch, T and Heg) from the US that trespasses all existing (national) borders to reach the purest definition of ‘true’ Black Metal like the Old School learned us, and like the current scene tries to show to us. Sometimes successful, sometimes not at all.
What about Pact?
Since they’ve been signed to Moribund, I did have a somewhat double-bound feeling before I listened to The Dragon Lineage Of Satan the first time. Moribund, one of my favourite labels since the earliest years (as from the middle of the nineties), so this must be great. Yet again, if the expectations are too high, it might disappoint. But actually it is rather easy. Did Moribund ever disappoint? Voilà, there you have it…
The Dragon Lineage Of Satan brings forty six minutes of ominous, crispy, abrasive and grimy Underground Black Metal with a blasted-up tempo and a total abundance of ferocity. This is the kind of Black Metal that breathes sulphur and venom, annihilating melody and expelling any form of rest and tranquillity. Surpluses are the uncanny and oppressive sound and the occult, misanthropic-philosophical approach (going for both audial noise and lyrical expressions of Hate and Evil Worship), because you cannot ignore the characterising stylistic elements that sort of typify the darkest regions of Underground Black Metal since these heavenly tunes once were given birth… Or: not renewing at all, yet true, pure and honest in a prehistorically primitive yet megalithic way.


Ivan Tibos.