CD REVIEW Seventeen Evergreen

Band : Seventeen Evergreen
Album title : Steady On, Scientist!
Label : Lucky Number Music – Cooperative Music
Distributor : V2 Records
Release date : 26/03/2012
Release : CD

Even extensive Internet research could not learn me when this North Beach, San Francisco based duo of Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans started this musical project, which weaves Psychedelic Rock elements with electronic experimentations. What I càn tell you, though, is that they created their own lobal Pacific Radio Fire, through which they released their debut album Life Embarrasses Me On Planet Earth in 2005 for a limited distribution in the US.

In early 2007, the duo struck a deal with British label Lucky Number Music, for the distribution of their debut album in the UK and Japan in April. The album was preceded by the 2-track single (both songs off the album) Haven't Been Yourself, issued on March 19, with the EPs Lunar One (including, alongside the title song, also featured on the album, two new songs, and remixes from two other album songs) and Music Is The Wine (opening track of the album, featured on the EP in the original and 3 other versions, enhanced by another remix of an album track) on July 23 and October 19 later that same year. The duo also made 3 videos to promote the releases. All these activities ensured the duo short tours in the UK and Europe in early Summer and September (including an appearance at UK's End Of The Road Festival), an appearance on Rob Da Bank's BBC Radio 1 show, and another appearance on BBC 6 Music.

Work on new material (along with experimentation on new digital instruments, apparently) started as soon as December 2007, but eventually it took the duo until Autumn 2011 to come out with new single/ video Polarity Song (beside's the title track and opening track of the album, the “single” - actually an EP - also included two exclusive tracks and a remix of “Haven't Been Yourself”). What where they doin' all this time? Well, they played the occasional shows in the US, or at least in their neck of the woods...and for the rest kept themselves pretty much out of the general view, only occasionally updating their MySpace page with a blog. Of course, they also wrote, recorded and produced the new album in its entirety. Anyway, the video was a smash hit, making coverage in several leading magazines (Stereogum, Filter, Boing Boing, ...) and periodicals (SF Weekly, Elle, The Huffington Post, …), and raising the expectations for the new full-length.

Well, without a doubt “Polarity Song” is the album's most guitar-driven track, even if electronics still come in play in the song! The rest of the album sees guitar used in a lesser way...which does not for that mean that the album is not a scorcher! I mean, even the songs without any guitar in 'em at all are still great, because at the bottom there are some truly great moaning vocals. If you can't believe that statement, just go and discover the album! You can listen to the complete album at Bandcamp, a link for each album and EP/ single to be found in the corresponding cover artwork at (www.)!!!