CD REVIEW Skewered

Band: Skewered
Title: Skewered
Label: Inherited Suffering Records / Anopsys Records
Distribution: Inherited Suffering Records / Anopsys Records
Release date: January 30th 2012
Review: CD

Inherited Suffering Records… I did only know them from releases by acts like Guttural Engorgement and The Empty Tomb, to be honest, but apparently they do have more (interesting) stuff to reveal. Skewered, hailing from Ireland, are such an example; active since almost a decade, and now releasing their self-called opus, which has duration of thirty three minutes.
The band performs a slightly grinding form of uncompromising and fast-forward and Grind-edged Old School Death Metal with some Groove-injections, completely lacking of originality, and getting rid of any renewing addition. With a tempo that varies from blasting over mid-tempo to complete deceleration. Grinding yet groovy and somewhat punkish, technical yet straight-forward, but really / truly inspired by the late-eighties scene from that area (Ireland, Scotland, England). Gore and bloody, horrific and nasty, sleazy and vomitorious, yet with a decent injection of technical supremacy. Just brutal and ordinary, but focusing on the core of the Glorious Past.


Ivan Tibos.