CD REVIEW The Haverbrook Disaster Vs. Demoraliser

Band: The Haverbrook Disaster Vs. Demoraliser
Album title: Split
Label: Let It Burn Records
Distributor:  Let It Burn Records
Release date: 09/03/2012
Release: CD

The Haverbrook Disaster (a hardcore metal band) have recorded 3 brand new exclusive tracks for this split release. Their songs contains state of the art modern day hardcore with melodic guitars. Same goes for Demoraliser (a fellow hardcore band) with whom they share this split record. A nice way to share the cost, help friends but to also to get music out there and find some new fans.
So the first half is for The Haverbrook Disaster who start with a big bang and keep it brutal till the end (atlas of their songs). Demoraliser's 2 songs on this split (witch fill the gap between their EP and their upcoming album to be released in summer 2012) finish this rather short split record. They play somewhat the same style of hardcore but their production level sounds a bit less that their friends. Although they don't do a bad job at it, they seem to keep less of my attention. Probably because they have so little material to prove themselves.