CD REVIEW The Projection

Band: The Projection
Album title: While You Were Out
Label: Paramount Drive Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 08/05/2012
Release: CD

The Projection is a brand new punk rock band from the USA and to be honest, everything about this band is good: when you listen to their new full-length While You Were Out, you can feel the warmth of Summer and see the sunbeams taking over the clouds. This is already their third release, which makes it very surprising that I've never heard about this quality band before.
Songs like Cross The Line, Trying To Forget (for which they've already shot a video) are more punk rock than Rise Against has even been.
There's even an acoustic track on the album. The song is called Always Remember and while listening to this one, it's clear that the guys in The Projection are very professional and love what they're doing. Especially the voice of singer Jacques LaMore sounds very good.
The most outstanding song on the album must be the bonus track, called Oh, Boy! The sing along feeling during this song hasn't been higher on the entire album than during this song.
Fans of Sum 41 will definitely like The Projection. Just keep an eye on their tour schedule. You definitely want to be on the frontline when they take over the world with their punk rock. I definitely will!


Nick Tronckoe.