Band : Tune
Album Title : Lucid Moments
Label : Self Release
Distributor :
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

A quintet from Poland that have a musical style that kinda reminds of  Anathema meets Spring meets Lunatic Soul with a bit of dark melancholic Goran Bregovic elements thrown in especially with the added atmospherics of the accordion playing .

All the tracks here are strong. The instrumental title track feels a little pieced together and suffers from a lack of cohesiveness, but is still a good track nonetheless. “Cabin fever” is the strongest throughout, a guitar driven epic that would rival most of Anathema’s best songs. Expanding upon various themes, the music is always moving forward and never stagnating. The guitar and keyboard playing are very fluid, carrying the music along well without bogging down with needless soloing and such. While all the instrumentalists are fantastic, special mention goes to accordion player who typically owns the melancholic melody line. The dramatic layered vocals could have been a bit better, but they should not scare anyone away. Most of the songs are slow, grandiose and extremely beautiful.

Lucid Moments as a debut album bears good promises. As can be expected, if you're not a big fan of the Riverside/Anti Matter/Demians style, this might not be your cup of proverbial tea.