CD REVIEW Vorkreist

Band: Vorkreist
Title: Sigil Whore Christ
Label: Agonia Records
Distribution: Agonia Records
Release date: April 24th 2012
Review: CD

Album number 4, recorded at Anorexia Nervosa’s Drudenhaus Studio (Anorexia Nervosa, Necroblaspheme, Les Discrets, Alcest, Soror Dolorosa etc.). With (former and current) members of e.g. Antaeus, Hell Militia, Faust / Black Lodge and Merrimack.
47:27 minutes.
Weird Evil mechanics, distorted Black Metal, deadly Noise and post-nuclear Industrial, ugly, nasty, filthy and a sonic definition of mercilessness. Adrenaline! Murderous and monstrous, breathing sulphur, spawning venom, an orgy of intoxication and un-clinical waste.
The band’s most ‘mature’ and varied (tempo and structures) explosion to date.
For fans of the French, the Norwegian and the Polish Industro-Black scene!


Ivan Tibos.