Band : Wig Wam
Album title : Wall Street
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade - Tone
Release date : 18/05/2012
Release : CD

This Norwegian quartet, dedicated to playing Glam Metal in the typical style of the '80s, was founded in 2001 in the Ostfold county (region between the Swedish border and Oslo) by musicians whonhad already been active in the music business, playing in such bands as Alien, Artch, Dream Police, Ole Evenrud, Sha-boom, and even as solo artists (lead singer Glam – real name Age Sten Nilsen – took part of the Norwegian preselections for the Eurovision Song Festival under his former artist name G'stenin 1998). The band worked hard to be seen on its county's stages as much as possible, and before long became one of Norway's favourite live bands.

The band released its debut album 667...The Neighbour Of The Beast (which included a cover of Mel C.'s hit song “I Turn To You”  and was also distributed in Sweden) in 2004. The band then entered the preselections for the Eurovision Song Festival, and ended up 3rd place in the Norwegian finals. The year after, they entered the competition again, this time making qualifying for the 2005 event in Ukraine with their song “In My Dreams”. The guys made use of the publicity to re-issue their debut album for European distribution, with addition of their hit song “In My Dreams” (going straight to #1, it lingered in the Norwegian singles charts for 21 weeks, and eventually sold Platinum), under the new title Hard To Be A Rock'n' Kiev. November 2005 then saw the release of the DVD Rock 'N' Roll Revolution 2005, relating on the band's past best year ever. Sophomore album Wig Wamania was released in March 2006, enjoying far better distribution in Europe than the debut (in both forms). Two months later the album was also released in Japan through King Records, sporting the usual bonus tracks (3, in fact), and in late August the band's debut album (again with 3 bonus tracks) hit the Japanese market...under the title Hard To Be A Rock'n'Roller...In Tokyo! Third album Non Stop Rock 'N' Roll was released in January 2010 through Frontiers Records, and subsequently reviewed by colleague Erik (posted 17/03/2010). Next came a highlight for the band, as they were anabled to play support to Kiss (along with The Sweet, their favourite band) in Oslo's Valhall in that same month. The album earned the band a Gold award in Norway, and evidently the success saw the band again tour extensively.

So here's album N° 4, and it is again a winner! I mean, with 11 songs on the album, there is not one filler, each song as insanely good as the next, even if occasionally somewhat deviating from each other (some songs have organ/ keyboard being played). What bonds everything together, is a recognizable singalong factor and a lyrical craziness that doesn't fail to miss àny of the songs (the album actually ends in a beautiful instrumental which, lyrics missing, lacks that crazy touch)! In spite of intensive search, I found a full-length track off this album only at (www.), in the track “The Bigger The Better”. So, if you're looking to find more material off this album to listen to, you'll either have to search for the album's page at one of the trusted online sales websites (30-second samples of all songs are usually provided), or you'll have to try and get a listening session at you local record store. But then, you'd risk falling in love with the material, so be prepared to pay your dues when you wanna take the album home, eh!?