CD REVIEW Angels & Airwaves

Band : Angels & Airwaves
Album title :  Love Part Two
Label : Edel
Distributor : V2 Benelux
Release date : 14/11/2011
Release : CD

I didn’t know this band, nor had I ever heard of them before, yet they were formed in 2005 already.  The band, if you can call this a band, consists of Tom DeLonge (Blink 182) as frontman and on guitar, David Kennedy (Hazen Street and Box Car Racer) also on guitars, Atom Willard (The Offspring and Rocket From The Crypt) on drums, and finally Matt Wachter (30 Seconds To Mars) on bass.

So far this is their fourth studio album already.  And upon playing this album, and before I read the bio, bands like the aforementioned Blink 182 and in a minor way The Offspring indeed sprang to my mind. Now if like me you’re more of a fan of classic hard rock/heavy metal/ AOR, this album brings mixed feelings. It’s rock, but it’s unusual in that it has other influences as well. 

I like it, but I would personally not buy it.  The main reason being that after a few songs I get bored. 


Erik Morren.