CD REVIEW Backfire

Band : Backfire
Album title : My Broken World
Label : GSR Music
Distributor : Suburban
Release date : 17/02/2012
Release : CD

Following the release of their previous album In Harm's Way (see my review posted 24/02/2008 for a history of the band until then), Maastricht based “Hardcore pride of Holland” spent the rest of 2008 playing the most club shows in their history. They were the only European band on the bill of “The Superbowl Of Hardcore” in New York City (alongside scene greats Agnostic Front, Madball, Breakdown and many others), did a European headline tour (with support Knuckledust) in November, and were planning to release a new mini-CD and a DVD relating their 15 years in the Hardcore scene in 2009...and then, in early August 2009, the band announces it's throwing in the towel for the second time in their history (they'd already quit for a while in 1997), and will be playing its last shows ever on Nov. 13th and 14th at Antwerp's Trix and Leipzig's Conne Island respectively. Longtime NY friends Breakdown come over especially to be part of these events.

But the blood crawls where it don't run, and the Dutch guys (minus bassist Frank, whom has since been replaced by Sjarm eventually got together to play some sporadic gigs. Eventually they even started composing new songs, and finding they'd written enough, started recording those in a co-production with their drummer Igor Wouters (also recording and mixing engineer). Expect the most singularly heavy album by these boys ever! Expect a total of 15 songs (including a cover of Crowbar's “Existence Is Punishment”) being played in 36 ½  minutes. Expect samples of the movies Blue Valentine and White Lightnin' (in the songs “All I Ever Wanted” and album closer “XX 13”), (related) spoken word passages at the end of “The Truth Is A Lie” and the ensuing “This One Is For Us” (just a bit of fun from one of the guys, apparently, and there's an extra short one in the latter part of the second one)... and expect guest vocal contributions by Tech 9's Hein (on “Choke On Regret”) and Dave from Right Direction (on “This One Is For Us” - yeah, quite a lot happening on that one track, indeed). But first and foremost, expect to be blown away by a truly great NYC-styled Hardcore album. Backfire definitely deserve their title as “Best Dutch Hardcore Band”.

To get an idea of the intensity within the new material, you'll find the songs “Broke, Bruised And Bitter” and “My Broken World” available on the label's website, so says the info sheet I got along with our promo copy of the album. Sorry I cannot confirm that, as my network pc won't let me onto the site (somehow it got blacklisted). Don't bother checking out the band's MySpace, because when I checked it only had older songs posted (also, the story had not yet been adapted to the band's return to the scene). You'll also find a video for “Broke, Bruised And Bitter” on YouTube, but for more material off the album you'll have to make due with the usual 30-second samples provided by the trusted online sales sites! Best score was warranted and deserved here, for sure!