CD REVIEW Blasphemist

Band: Blasphemist
Album title: Shadowtorned World
Label: Noisehead Records
Distributor: Twilight Distribution
Release date: 04/11/2011
Release: CD

In 2011, the young six-headed Austrian melodic death metal band Zodiac gets signed by Noisehead records. To celebrate, they changed their name into Blasphemist to somehow create a whole new image for themselves. Alongside to the writing and recording process of their second full-length album named “Shadowtorned World” which was released on Noisehead Records and produced by Mario Jezik of the same label.

Their style can best be described as old traditional Swedish melodic-death metal with the fury and the severity of modern influences. But I you really want names I would compare them best to In Flames. Musically this is one kick ass band and record. Cool riffs, cool leads, epic blast beats. But unfortunately these guys dropped the ball with their sound. Unless they actually wanted to sound like old school Swedish death metal bands, I must say that there sound is probably the worst thing about this record. Lots of cracks and most of the time you can’t even hear the lead guitars above the rhythm section witch unfortunately brings their music to a lower level.