CD REVIEW Blessed Curse

Band: Blessed Curse
Album title: Blessed Curse
Label: Cyclone Empire
Distributor: Soul Food - Bertus
Release date: 23/03/2012
Release: CD

Blessed Curse is a Northern California based trio that has been making a name for themselves through selfless hard work playing countless shows and unleashing true heavy metal. Like many, the band began when childhood friends got together trough their love of music and formed into a band. Over the past ten years they’ve grown up and became a meticulous killing militia primed to join the bigger league and take things to a more international playing field and has been touring a lot the last years.

So fans will rejoice when these chaps will release their brand new self-titled album. And when you listen to it speaks for itself, this is fast old school trash but given the modern day sound treatment to make the perfect combination. I even would compare them to Slayer as their opening song reminds me of “Angel Of Death”. But I mean that in a good way, not the copy paste way. And the guys go further down that road trough the whole album although here and there they have some European elements in the genre of Kreator.

It’s good, fast and has that certain nostalgia feeling to it making it a must have for trash metal fans.