CD REVIEW Codasync

Band : Codasync
Album title : Akronize
Label : Grovnast Enterprises
Distributor : (own release)
Release date : Dec. 2011
Release : Mini-CD

Most bands record a full-length's worth of material every two or three years, and with current-day's easily accessible technologies, that is something somewhat affordable, providing a band either generates enough money on its own (gigs, sales of previous records), or its band members can set aside enough money earned with their daytime jobs. Antwerp region's Instrumental Prog act Codasync (actually, their headquarters in Koningshooik are situated almost halfway between Antwerp and Aarschot, the two town centers being 35 km apart) prefer to release an mini-album on a yearly basis, and have recently issued their 4th one!

So far, the band managed to do something slightly different with each release, setting a basis tone with their debut Mows Arred (Nov. 2008), experimenting with added horns on In Galoré (Dec. 2009), and reworking luckily recorded live, rehearsal, and even studio jams for their “calmest yet” Snacycod(Nov. 2010). It made one wonder what the guys might wander towards next, and that answer has now arrived. But first, let's mention that there's been a line-up change, one which I have no clear idea of when it happened. You see, former bassist Bruno Morez has been replaced by Brent Van Poele, known as drummer/ producer of True Champions Ride On Speed (released a full-length in 2010); before that, or possibly even at the same time (I have no way of knowing at this very moment), he was/is also the drummer of Alaska Dawn (both bands based in Antwerp).

Then, I'm a little confused when reading the line-up on the inlay card of the new mini-album, as the guys have used anagrams of “codasync” to name themselves, with Syd Nacco playing “strings” (most certainly meaning guitar), Don Ysacc being responsible for “skins” (surely, that's the drums), Sony Da CC performing “subs” (that would be the bass)...and one Sycco Dan handling the “knobs”. Surely, “knobs”...that would mean synths, right? And Akronize's opening track “Midi Morgana”, after a sole guitar intro,certainly kicks into an interchange between synths and drums (with some sparcely interjected guitar to boot – oh, that might actually be móre synths). Obviously, this, along with the mentioned line-up, suggests that one of the guitarists may have upped and went. However the other 3 tracks on the 22:27 album, are so clearly played with two guitars, one cannot help but become confused. Second track “Fredbout Lackmaes” may be less “heavy” (say energetic) as the material on the first two EP's, it is still quite heavier than third track “Gemma Gette, Dans La Mer” and closing track “Konnektykat” (hah...those wonderful titles!!!).

One thing's for sure: although Akronize(recorded in part at the band's own Aka Joe HQ studio, and part at Antwerp's Tin Pan Alley) sees Codasync come along with yet another album which is on the one side different from what the guys did before, and on the other side bring us an album which is soundwise still completely Codasync. And along the way, I've witnessed this band grow beyond the “limitations” of what one reviewer once called “Fumble Rock” (actually, the Flamish/ Dutch word used was “FriemelRock”, see review of very first EP, posted 10/03/2009). In retrospect, the band has grown better and better with the years, improving on a formula which was already top quality from the beginning, with each release...
No wonder each mini-album of this act also invariably got catapulted into my year-lists! Here's a last nice surprise: when you'll check the band's page on facebook, you'll find a possibility to listen not only to all songs on thís EP, but also to the one on all the others! Dó go check that out...nów!!!