Band : Devil In Me
Album title : The End
Label : GSR Music
Distributor : Suburban
Release date : 24/02/2012 (Original release on lim. ed. white LP, Rastilho Records, 2010)
Release : CD

There's very little info available on this Portuguese Hardcore Punk band, and I am therefore somewhat confused.

According to info I found there's already 2 previous albums, 2011's Brothers In Arms and the earlier Born To Lose. However, a review posted on LordsOf puts The End down as originally having been released through Portuguese label Rastilho Records in 2010...and you know something? They're right, the first CD version of the album was released that year, a vinyl version was issued in 2011! So I guess their estimate of Brothers in Arms goin' back to 2007 and Born To Lose to 2006, is also a correct one. My own info also indicates that the band was originally a fivesome, but currently the line-up is restricted to Poli (vocals), Matos (guitar), Pedro (guitar), and Tiago (drums).

Having digested the fact that this is “only” a re-issue, I have to say GSR was quite right to bring this band to a larger public for, as the label puts it herself, “...despite having a fresh and vibrant sound, Devil In Me's roots of bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Religion and the Misfits shine through from time to time, giving a little bit of familiarity for any first time listener that appreciates a great Hardcore Punk record...,” and they go on to recommend the album “...for fans of Comeback kid, Sick Of It All, Misfits, Pennywise...”! In other words, what you get is an exciting, exhilarated type of up-tempo Hardcore Punk with uplifting melodies, in anthemic tunes, and a lot of “harmonic” group shouting/ screaming. Fun detail: the album was produced by Andrew Neufeld (he also contributes as musician to the song “The Fall”) of Comeback Kid. Other guest contributions come from Portuguese musicians Andreia Duarte (Better Days, on the track “Push Twist And Turn”) and Mike Ghost (of New Eater, on the track “Claim My World”). For those who'd already gotten themselves a Portuguese copy of the album, know that this re-issue has a bonus track, making the now 13-track album last almost 37 minutes. Great fun!

Check out the songs “On My Own” and “Push Twist And Turn” at either the band's facebook or MySpace page (the latter had the added advantage of also having 7 older songs posted, one even featuring Sick Of It All).