CD REVIEW Ivory Gates

Band : Ivory Gates
Album title : The Devil’s Dance
Label : MS Metal Records
Distributor : Connecting Music
Release date : 12/03/2012
Release : CD

Ivory Gates come from the land that is famous for its samba music, it’s carnival and a lot of other things, in one word ; Brazil. The Devil’s Gate is their third release in six years, their previous album Status Quo having been released in 2005.

There are only seven songs on the album, of which the final track clocks of at no less than 22 minutes. This final track opens with an acoustic guitar, to which synths and guitars are gradually added.  It’s obvious that this band has a lot of prog influences

It is obvious that these guys can play, and my conclusion is that this is not a bad album, but that it sadly lacks a song over which you go whoaw. Which as a consequence means that even after playing the album a few times, the songs do not linger on in your memory.


Erik Morren.