CD REVIEW Lazarus Syndrome

Band : Lazarus Syndrome
Album title : Flatline
Label : Own release
Distributor : Skratch The Surface (promotion)
Release date : 26/02/2012
Release : (4-track) CD-EP

Attracted to the rich musical past of Liverpool, guitarists Mike Hollows and Jamie Hall formed the plan to found a band with a slightly different musical palate than what people are used to from that British city in the North-West of England.

Because the duo came up with the idea to form a (Swedish-type) Melodic Death Metal band with a twist, and started seeking out the necessary companions to complete the line-up in January of 2011. They immediately hired drummer Dave Larkin to work on he songs, and by March had recruited bassist Tom Parker and lead singer Peter Ford. Lazarus Syndrome was born (huh...funny, the medical term “Lazarus syndrome”, or “autoresuscitation” relates to the spontaneous return of circulation after failed attempts of other words, a person whom whose heartbeat and breathing had stopped, and whom one had tried to revive by artificial breathing and heart massage, suddenly starts breathing again on his own accord, after the reviving attempt had been stopped), and in a matter of weeks the band had finished a couple of songs. In mid-April the band entered a studio and recorded what was to become this EP. The band then set to play live as much as possible, and writing even more songs...while the Flatline recordings they'd just done were being mixed and mastered. That was finally finished in October, but in the meantime the band's live performances and early mixes from the EP gained the band increasing interest from the music industry. They already signed an endorsement deal with Mayonesguitars, and a deal with Daemonessguitars might've been rounded off as well by now. What the band needs next, is a trustworthy label to back up further recordings and help the band get some higher profile gigs, perhaps even a decent tour.

For the band is certainly worth investing in. On the one side, the band is certainly brutal, but there's some good catchy melodies running through each track. Swedish Death Metal styling means that the lead singer has a clean vocal style...but it is a memorable one, with a slightly heady touch. Still, in all the songs the clean vocals are alternated against an equal amount of rougher ones (clearly nót Peter, as the different vocal stylings overlap, and are equally important). In closing track “Blameless Creator” however, it seems to me that there's also a part where both do rough vocals, and in the clean parts Peter definitely gets backing of the same kind, with an harmonizing effect. Charming, it is, and that track is one of two you can listen to at (www.) (the band also has pages at MySpace, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation, but they will not yield more material, I'm afraid – oh, and then there's YouTube to check as well!).

If you're into Melodic Death, be sure to check this band out! At the moment, the guys are working with a stand-in drummer friend, and as far as I know they are still looking for someone to fill in that spot of the line-up on a permanent basis. Still, that doesn't hold the band back from performing the occasional gig (still limited to their part of the UK so far) anyhow!