CD REVIEW Madison Affair

Band: Madison Affair
Album title: Teenage Time
Label: Acuity.Music (Let It Burn Records)
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 11/11/2011
Release: CD

I have positive and negative news to tell you about the new album of the German Madison Affair, called Teenage Time.
The more negative news is that Madison Affair does nothing new on this record. Bands like Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans,... have already done what they're doing now some years ago.

The positive news is that what they do is amazingly good. The variation between vicious growls, screams, breakdowns on one hand and electronic parts and clean vocals on the other hand sounds that professional that you think you're dealing with a band that has just released its sixth or seventh album and that is on top of its game. If you know how young these guys are, then you quickly realize that they still have lots of potential.

Madison Affair is another German top metal act that definitely is one to watch. It looks like Germany has made an attempt to start a new world war in the metal scene. This must be the NWOGHM: The New Wave Of German Heavy Metal!


Nick Tronckoe.