CD REVIEW Spawn Of Possession

Band : Spawn Of Possession
Album title : Incurso
Label : Relapse Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux. – Tone Ent.
Release date : 13/03/2012
Release : CD

Oh my...6 years since their last album? Yessum, and I reviewed that one, so it's still available for your info seeking whims (find it posted 18/07/2006)!

Six years...that's quite a what happened with the Kalmar based Swedish Technical Death Metal act in between? Well, actually there was first an awkward silence around the band (during which it seems original members, drummer/ singer Dennis Rondum, and lead guitarist Jonas Karlsson, had left the band – Röndum was eventually replaced by Richard Shill in 2008), until on May 1st, 2009, they “...posted a small pre-production teaser from their as yet untitled new album, commenting that they wanted “to finally break he silence”. There are five finished songs and seven others still in the works. The band also explained that “additional line-up changes will be announced soon”. (literal citation from the band's Wikipedia page) In June original founding member Jonas Bryssling (guitar) announced that singer Martin Chalk (formerly of Psycroptic, also of Mephistopheles) and lead guitarist Christian Meunzner (formerly of Necrophagist, also of Obscura) had been recruited into the band's ranks. Later that same year, bassist Erlend Caspersen (also of Blood Red Throne and The Alseeing I) completed the line-up. However, in September 2010 Dennis Rondum came back to the fold, taking over lead vocals from Chalky. Richard Shill was replaced in December 2010 by Henrik Schönström, the official reason being that Shill depended too much on actual band practices, and that was an impossibility with band members being scattered all over Sweden, Norway, and Germany! In late May 2011, the band signed to Relapse, after which they started work on the new album.

Although generally dubbed a Technical Death Metal act, there's no denying that Classical influences creep into some of the songs. A lot of that, of course, has to do with the prolific dual note-fucking which frequently takes place along the note scales...but some songs also got additional keyboards (organ, piano bits) thrown in, enhancing the Classical touch to the tracks they're played in. Regretfully, neither of the two new songs (“Where Angels Go Demons Follow” and “Bodiless Sleeper”) posted at (www.) of (www.) (both pages also include a total of 5 older songs combined) contain decent examples of the guitar/ keyboard interplay (the second song mentioned actually has a short – only a few notes – of piano intro), but perhaps some of the 30-second samples which are usually provided by the more trustworthy online sales websites will reveal such passages (actually, any sample of album opener “Abodement” should indeed display such interplay – although it needs to be said that the 68-second instrumental IS the calmest track, both in volume and pace, on the entire album).

Personally, I was already happy with the band's 2006 album, because it needed several sessions for even the seasoned listener to truly fathom every nook and cranny of the album...and I can say that sensation is now even more overwhelming. Yeah, I daresay, this therefore becomes the first Death Metal album to be added to my 2012 year-lists!