CD REVIEW Crazy Lixx

Band : Crazy Lixx
Album title : Riot Avenue
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux - Tone
Release Date : 20/04/2012
Release : CD

Crazy Lixx come from Sweden, and this is their third album.  Their music is best described as sleaze rock, but tending a bit more towards traditional hard rock than some of their fellow countrymen. So you wouldn’t be surprised if you hear hints of Mötley Crüe, but also some KISS, some Def Leppard, and even some AC/DC.

The originality of the album is something you can go searching for far and ahead, but that notwithstanding it must be said that the quality of the songs is very good, except maybe the last track which is not bad, but compared to the other songs it’s the ugly duck.
As a matter of fact their music sounds very 80ies, but with a modern production.  The vocals by Danny Rexon are very good, he even sounds a bit like Paul Stanley from Kiss at times.

I found it a very pleasing album to listen to. Highly recommended for fans of 80ies sounding sleaze rock with a bit extra.


Erik Morren.