CD REVIEW Holy Moses

Band : Holy Moses
Album title : 30th Anniversary – In The Power Of Now
Label : Steamhammer - SPV
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 20/04/2012
Release : CD

I should have been warned before accepting to review this album.  I received the album with the comment : you probably know this band from old-time.  It’s right the name did ring a bell, but that was about it.  And if you know that trash/speed metal (mind you, in that combination, trash and speed) never really was my cup of tea, you’ve probably already guessed what my opinion about this album is gonna be.

As the album title states, this album should celebrate the 30ieth anniversary of the existence of the band.  To do this they’ve taken 20 existent tracks, and added two new tracks.  Why they have done the effort to re-record all 20 old tracks in their current line-up seems a bit of a mystery to me. I guess Holy Moses fans will prefer the old versions, I at least do not see what extra value this might have added to the songs, but maybe I’m mistaken.

Since I’m not really into trash, I will not judge the music, that would not be honest of me.  To me all songs sound more or less alike, although there were moments when I said hey, this doesn’t sound too bad at all.  But what puts me of my strides are the vocals, a problem I experience not only with Holy Moses, but with most trash bands.  There have been a few (very few to be honest) trash songs in the past that I’ve liked, by bands like Slayer or Anthrax, the one exception to this being the ‘Bonded By Blood’ album by Exodus, so as you might guess this Holy Moses album is no exception to that general rule. It’s nothing for me really.

Die-hard fans will of course like this, and also if you want to have some sort of ‘best of’ album of this band this might be to your liking.


Erik Morren.