CD REVIEW Kissin’Dynamite

Band : Kissin’Dynamite
Album title : Money, Sex & Power
Label : AFM Records
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

They may be being very young,  but it’s already their third album, and what a stunner it is. This album just oozes energy.  Not only is this a great collection of songs, but it’s also well played.  This album just demands to be played live.

Kissin’Dynamite’s music can best be described as a mix of sleaze rock with a good measure of classic metal thrown in between. As a matter of fact I found this album refreshing.  It’s too often you hear the same riffs played again and again, yet on this album the songs sound so diverse, you’re wondering what the next song is gonna sound like.

Since this is the first album I hear from these guys, I wonder what the other two would soundlike.  Probably very good as well, but I guess these guys are like wine, it gets better with the ageing.


Erik Morren.