Band : Lana Lane
Album title : El Dorado Hotel
Label : Thin Tank Media
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date : 10/02/2012
Release : CD

After a four years abscende Miss Lane (or Miss Norlander since she’s married to EriK Norlander) is back with a fantastic CD.  Not only has she still got that fantastic voice, and looks great as well, but this album  surely must be one of the best releases in this genre this year.  I’ll try to explain, but words alone would not do justice to this album.  You’ve just got to buy it and listen.

Mind my words, this is not a 100 % rock album.  Miss Lane has managed to fuse diverse musical styles and genres together, and press this in a rock mould.  There are hints of prog metal, jazzy pieces, AOR, folk, you name it, ti’s probably in it.

To complement her fantastic voice she’s got the aid of some fantastic musicians as well.  Of course her husband Erik Norlander has joined the fray, but next to him are also two other musicians who contributed to his solo-effort, Freddy DeMarco on guitars, and Mark Matthews on bass.  Next to those two, another score of musicians contributed to the album, and not of the least.


Erik Morren.