CD REVIEW Lord Mantis

Band: Lord Mantis
Title: Pervertor
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Bertus
Release date: March 12th 2012
Review: CD

Lord Mantis are a rather young act (formed in Chicago, Illinois, in 2008) with (permanent, live and session) members of e.g. Avichi and Nachtmystium in their ranks. They debuted with the Period Face EP / MCD (through Witch Trial) shortly after their birth, and in 2009 Lord Mantis released the Seventh Rule-rostered full length Spawning The Nephilim.

Last year, the band recorded their sophomore full length with Mastodon’s Sanford Parker as studio master again (think: Pelican, Krieg, Nachtmystium, Yakuza, Unearthly Trance etc.). The result, Pervertor, lasts for almost forty seven minutes and goes completely on where Spawning The Nephilim left off. …it’s just, well, such a huge step forward!
Spawning … made sure Lord Mantis weren’t just a coincidence within the ever-growing Sludge-scene, but this album trespasses all limits. Pervertor’s sound is massive - just gargantuan, monolithic and prehistorically massive - for example. But that’s just one aspect
The songs are of a fabulous standard. The epic compositions breathe both desperation / despair at the one hand, and a hateful vision on human life at the other, both lyrically and musically. It goes for every single track on this album, all of them flirting with the most obscure, black-abyssal borders of acceptance. Within the bleakest regions of the Sludge-scene, this band might hold one of the darkest candles within the eternal Halls of [-].
And then, with tracks like At The Mouth, Vile Divinity or Levia, the border with the Necro / Suicidal / Apocalyptic Black Metal scene copulates with pleasure, passion and pain in highest spheres of sweetful morbidity with the most grim and ominous corners of the Sludge scene. F-u-c-k, what the f*, what a f’ckin’ tralala grandeur. Enormous, f--- enormously relapsing in a suggestive way, yet truly candle light or camp fire material. A beautiful yet nightmarish, oppressive and suffocative omni-presence included…


Ivan Tibos.