CD REVIEW Lord Of Mushrooms

Band : Lord Of Mushrooms
Album title : Perspectives
Label : Lion Music
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date : 27/02/2012
Release : CD

The first time I played this CD I wasn’t particularly impressed.  The band’s name sounded a bit silly, I wasn’t impressed by the music, and as for the artwork on the sleeve.. that could have been a child’s drawing.

But after a few spins this album did grow on me.  They didn’t exactly reinvent the progressive metal genre, but in the end this proved to be a good album.  It’s quite heavy for prog rock, and instead of the in prog music omnipresent synths and keyboards, they make quite extensive use of the sound of a piano.
I had not heard of this band before, but this is actually already their third release. Between their former two releases the band has changed quite substantially, three new members having joined the band. One of them is the vocalist,  a duty which is now taken up by Gus Monsanto (ex Adagio).

The compositions are not too overly complicated, ant neither are the songs stretched out too much, most of the songs being in the range of 6 – 7 minutes.  And while Gus Monsanto’s voice might not be the most powerful, he’s the right man on the right place it seems.


Erik Morren.