CD REVIEW Mekong Delta

Band : Mekong Delta
Album title : Intersections
Label : Steamhammer/SPV
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 23/04/2012
Release : CD

Although Mekong Delta was founded in the 80ies and this is their tenth release, it’s a band I’ve never ever before heard a single song from.  So I didn’t really know what to expect.

My first impression, and several playing of this album did not alter that impression, was that it seems as if  they wrote one song, and then started copying this song, altering some pieces left and right to try to make it sound like another song.  It’s not true of course.

I also found this band to sound a bit dated. Back in the 80ies this might have had it’s fans, but to still produce this sound 30 years later…  The mix of trash and old school heavy metal just doesn’t work form me.  But that should not wonder you, as this album in fact is not an album with new songs, but with songs Mekong Delta released over the years, and re-recorded with the current line-up of the band.

Something for real fans I’d say, alas, not my favorite.


Erik Morren.