CD REVIEW Nightqueen

Band : Nightqueen
Album title : For Queen And Metal
Label : Massacre Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 24/02/2012
Release : CD

What a surprise.  Despite the band’s members names, this band actually originates in our good old Belgium.  And in my opinion these guys – and one girl, who’s actually the lead vocalist of the band – deserve a fair chance for stardom.  If, and that’s of course the 1 million question – they could be backed by a decent promotion campaign, and our local radio stations would be willing to play their album, or at least some of their songs, they hopefully would be able to enjoy the same success Within Temptation or Epica has enjoyed.

Not that Nightqueens music is a copycat of what both aforementioned band bring to us.  Despite also bringing us music that’s in the symphonic/epic/power metal genre, Nightqueen have quite a unique style.  Keely Larreina has a powerful voice, and contrary to bands like Within Temptation or Nightwish she never tries to sound like an opera singer;

Musically it’s also very nicely brought.  The keyboards are everywhere, but they are not dominating the music.  No, it’s rather a nice cooperation between guitars, keyboards, bass and drums that manages to create a very cohesive sound, even if in some songs it shows that this band has still to mature a bit.

If you want to support our local bands, as ‘Belgian’, no matter which part of the land you hail from, you ought to buy this album.


Erik Morren.